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About us

The history of "Citadel" began in 2011, and since its foundation, the company has held a significant position in the construction materials market in Georgia.

Focusing on development and quality, the team managed to establish itself as a formidable competitor and set its own standards.

Similarly, we began in Armenia. Citadel Company was officially founded in Armenia in 2021.

Since the company's inception, our priority has been quality and service.  Accordingly, the company combines 2 sales directions with customers: retail and B2B.

Citadel is a partner of several world-renowned brands, including: "TECHNONICOL", "DAHAN", "LIEBHERRrr", "ZTM", "POTAIN", "COMANSA", "SYM", "SOIMA", "Pi Makina", "SAEZ", "SANY GLOBAL", "BAUMAK", "ZAO MPK KRZ", "FORM-ON", "KRONOSPAN", "MWOOD", "STARWOOD", "AFACAN", "GOÇMAKSAN", "SYPLY", "ECO STROY COMPLEX", 'GOKDELEN", "XCMG" and others.

At the Citadel, you'll find all the materials you need for everything from foundational work to remodeling.