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International cooperation


The French brand Icopal is currently the largest manufacturer of waterproofing materials.

Icopal products are of high quality and that is why they are very popular all over the world.


LIEBHERR has been producing tower cranes in Germany since 1949.

The company's products are distinguished by high load-carrying capacity, safety standard and mobility.


PENOPLEX, a manufacturer of thermal insulation materials, appeared on the market in 1998 and during this time gained the name of one of the leading companies.

PENOPLEX products are successfully sold in many countries around the world.


The company SYPLY has been operating in the field of production of plywood and wood furniture panels since 1976 and is one of the largest brands today.


The history of the company TECHNONICOL dates back to 1992 and today it is one of the leading brands among manufacturers of thermo and waterproofing materials.

TECHNONICOL products are available in 95 countries.


The history of BAYMAK began in 2001 and is now very popular in both local and international markets.

The BAYMAK product line combines the products needed for monolithic construction.


The company BASIS HOLDING was established in 2006 and today is a manufacturer of modern, high-tech products.

BASIS HOLDING manufactures high quality formworks, stands, scaffolding and other metal products.


The Spanish brand COMANSA was founded in 1962.

The company manufactures various cranes towers for cargo, passenger and cargo elevators.

COMANSA products are actively used all over the world.


he Turkish company GöçMakSan has been producing the tools needed for construction works since the beginning of the 1960s.

From 1978, the company began mass-producing of metal cutting and bending machines.







Weber is part of the international Saint-Gobain group, with 180 production sites and 10 research centres, employing 10,000 people in 52 countries. Founded in 1665 in France.



For more than 80 years IMPER ITALIA has been one of Europe's leading companies in the production of bituminous-polymer and waterproofing products and systems in TPO/FPO and PVC-P. In addition to the production of waterproofing membranes, the company offers liquid waterproofing systems as well as thermal and acoustic insulation products.

IMPER ITALIA has always been recognised in the market as a technological partner capable of developing and designing products and systems to solve waterproofing problems in the most extreme and difficult conditions.

Since 2014 IMPER ITALIA Spa - is part of the industrial group of TECHNONIKOL.





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